Vent Pros

Aiming for a Cleaner, Healthier, Environment. AC and Dryer Vent Cleaning Professionals.

Having trouble breathing, have allergies, developed a cough, or even a odor developed in your own home? You may not know it but you have years of built up pollen, mold, dust mites, bacteria right under your nose, all effecting your health. Give Vent Pros a call. We are specialist that will get right to the problem and get it fixed. Guaranteed. Family Owned and Operated since 1987, give Vent Pros a call today and start breathing better and living a better healthier life today.

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Complete Vent Restoration

free your whole house of years of build up, such as mold, and pollen. For better breathing and even to lower your electric bill.

Remove Allergens/Pollens

Clear up blockage and remove years of built up dirt, dust, pollen, bacteria.

Anti-Allergy Electrostatic Filters

Micro-bacterial filters for anyone who has allergies, for your babies and yourself to have better breathing, So you can still keep your beloved pets.

Lifetime Warranty Electrostatic Filters

Custom filters to fit any size and every need.

Keeping Your Air Clean Since 1987 Vent Pros 1-888-552-7934